Opposed to occasional work-related posts — I wanted this one to be different and focused on walking through a few of the more difficult problems of today’s times of a world struck with a pandemic — loneliness, isolation, and low or plateauing productivity.

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From Blush by Pablo Stanley

While working from home was considered productive with the freedom it offers to focus on a task and subdue distractions, the opposite of the same is achieved when people work for longer times remotely. The sense of serendipity and team bonding is lost. …

a structure of rocks, human-made.
a structure of rocks, human-made.

While working in a company, especially a larger team or an organization that’s beyond the early-stage startup and has evolved to move to an SME or a larger behemoth — it’s important to have a few principles or values in mind on how you should work, that should also live within your team and the wider organization to put all of you in the same page.

Few of these are values I’ve learned at CleverTap, during my past year and half of heads-down execution, and they somehow coincide with the values I’ve learned from my peers throughout the startups I’ve…

If you haven’t noticed yet, a popular ear-candy amongst Android Developers, The Fragmented Podcast by Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal went through a massive rebrand to structure itself for catering to a wider set of audiences instead of limiting it to just a single operating system or platform.

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This is the designer for the new artwork + the small change in the visual language of Fragmented Podcast and I’m here to give you 7 fragments (yes, pun intended for the breakdown) of this rebrand.

Understanding what listeners relate to the brand to

For several others including me, Fragmented Podcast always conveyed a special place for Android Developers to…

In the constant journey of product design & development, we learn a ton. I’ve been designing professionally for over a year or so and early on, my focus had always been visually appealing designs that made people go “WOAH!”. Now that I have a little experience on the product development cycle and what it takes to implement your designs till you can say “We’re live!” and further beyond that.

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A common mistake we all do is to immediately iterate on the product we already took enormous effort to implement. When we’re all in the adrenaline to keep making changes and…

As a Designer, it’s our job to make things look sexy and drop the jaws of stakeholders & executives while the entire Dribbble community goes crazy with likes and comments for aesthetics & animations.

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When your designs hit Zeplin.

While it’s easy to follow patterns/guidelines and other things specific when designing for India, it’s also easy to forget that when you’re making these high-fidelity mockups the data that will actually be available to you will be far less pleasing and mostly congested for you to be able to please your user with that multimedia.

Here’s an example:

I’m designing for CreditMate. We help the masses…

Usability/ User Experience/ User Tests are mostly ignored by companies in order to ship faster. Hell, a lot of them don’t even know what it is. However, it can be very useful to conduct these tests to understand from a user’s point of view on how they interact with the app and what they think so that we can gather insights and brainstorm on what goes wrong in the process and how one can improvise the app’s UI and UX based on those insights.

A good process is to design, prototype, test with real users improvise and then deliver. This…

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, while you stare at the album art when the song plays? Yes, I do too, especially when a particular song I’m fixated to is selected to play on Repeat.

However, it can be very monotonous when this happens. What if there could be more information that Spotify could give to the listener. This was always something I thought that could be added to the app.

Musixmatch used to do this brilliantly. …

I recently began to experiment around with Principle-App to one up my skills in User Experience. Animation is crucial in Interfaces and Interaction Design since it’s responsible to match User Expectation and helps to provide meaning to the interaction. It accounts to create tweens between various crucial keyframes with appropriate motion and delay. As someone who took up Multimedia as their elective in my Master’s for a semester — I was quite amused by the 12 principles of Animation by Walt Disney. Principle reminds me of how animation can be powerful to attract attention and ensure delight to the user.

In 2014, I began to explore my passion with Design and Android Development, right after the announcement of Material Design blew my socks away. The best way to get acquainted with the latest technologies was to join a community and meet people who had similar interests. So, I decided to participate in a community alongside college and a part time at Haptik to accelerate my knowledge and #GiveBackTotheCommunity

I began attending various events organised by Google Developer Groups, Mumbai to learn, attend various sessions by professionals on Android, Design and other streams. This is also how I met Faiz Malkani

The Footer is by far one of the most overlooked locations in a website. It’s tricky since it is not something that appears immediately when you visit a webpage, but it’s present on every webpage at the bottom. As an intern at CredR Auto, one of the challenges I faced was to take a new approach for the footer.

What I’ve covered in this article:

  1. How I used Crazy-8s from GV’s Design Sprints to document immediate ideas, and then use the Method of Elimination to discard ideas that don’t make sense.
  2. How I used Information Architecture to properly categorize various links under different headers.
  3. How I…

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